PosterIn 1955 the producers of a new movie were looking for a title song to compliment its' contemporary storyline. 'Blackboard Jungle' was the controversial film, starring Glenn Ford and Anne Francis. It portrayed both the violence and romanticism of the social upheavals created by rock and roll.

James Myers (AKA Jimmy De Knight) co-writer of 'Rock Around The Clock' had sent over 200 copies of the record to Hollywood producers. He realised one of the best ways to promote this new form of music was through the medium of film. It was just what the makers of the new picture were looking for. It became the first movie in history to feature a rock and roll song as its' theme.

Decca immediately caught onto this and re-released 'Rock Around The Clock'. Within a short space of time the record was selling in millions, remaining on the charts for six months. The legend of Bill Haley and His Comets was created.

Following on from this, less than a year later the band received a call from Sam Katzman of Columbia Pictures who wanted to make a movie starring Bill and the Comets. This was going to be the fictional rags to riches story of the bands rise to fame. The title of the movie was 'Rock Around The Clock' and co-starred the Platters, Freddie Bell and the Bellboys and Alan Freed. One of the highlights of the picture was Rudy Pompilli and Al Rex performing a barnstorming 'Rudy's Rock'. The Comets performed 8 other tunes including, 'R-O-C-K', 'Razzle Dazzle', and 'Mambo Rock'. For only six days of shooting Bill was payed $40,000. He now had yet another 'first' to his name by starring in the first ever rock and roll movie.

Wherever it was shown, the film created intense excitement, it was the next best thing to an actual concert. This culminated in some instances in a number of riots. Certain cities and towns across the world banned the film from being shown fearing it would spark off violent behaviour. But by now there was no stopping this new phenomenon, rock and roll was surely here to stay.